The Emerald Swift (also called the Green Spiny Lizard) is a species of swift native to the cloud forests of Central America.

Description Edit

The emerald swift is a small lizard, averaging at a length of about 7 to 8 inches. Their scales are strongly keeled. The animal's main color is green, with a blue-green head, sides, and tail. Males display brighter colors, a slightly larger size, and a wider head and tail base than females.

Distribution and Habitat Edit

Emerald swifts are restricted in distribution to the cloud forests of south Mexico and Central America.

Diet Edit

These swifts are insectivores, eating various insects. On very rare occasions, they eat fruit. However, this behavior has only been noticed in a scant few captive individuals. These reptiles also eat crickets, and various, small worms.

Behavior Edit

Interestingly, wild individuals are almost always found on rocks and fallen trees. This may be because these are just the favored perches of the lizards.

Reproduction Edit

Emerald swifts are ovoviviparous.

In captivity Edit

Interestingly, emerald swifts are extremely difficult to maintain in captivity. Most individuals live less than a year, if that. Making the issue more confusing, some sources maintain that they are actually hardy in these settings.

In general, these lizards seem to do best in cool enclosures with intense lighting and high humidity.